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RCA SCENIUM HDTV with DLP technology. PDF User's Manual.

You can probably track down a service manual for the set and determine if you want to undertake the effort yourself. IF the tubes are not "converged" correctly then lines will have color tinge depending on which tube is out of convergence. You will be trying to reduce the image which takes some adjustment of the image which will then likely change the convergence and focus which then have to be corrected... Anyways, you aren't going to get a full service course here, you need to get a service manual if you want to venture into that area.

For Models HD-70G886 HD-61Z886 HD-61Z786 Projection. - JVC

I've had this Panasonic Rear Projection TV for over 10 years. The problem it's always had is that the picture is larger than the screen. If you have gone into the service menu, be very careful.

For Models HD-70G886 HD-61Z886 HD-61Z786 <i>Projection</i>. - JVC

Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom.

I've tried going into the service menu and adjusting the values to fit the screen but it just ends up looking distorted. Depending on what you settings you touched, you may cause snificant damage to your tubes (I suspect its a tube driven set as opposed to lcd/dlp set).

Panasonic Panasonic Projector PT-AX200E Projector User Manual.

There is usually no settings for overscan on those projection sets. there is usually no settings for overscan on those projection sets. I would suggest you don't based on your questions...

Panasonic projection tv user manual:

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