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DRT4040/45 Gas Fireplaces Superior FIreplaces

The wireless bridge may be confured, monitored, and managed via a Command Line Interface (CLI) over an available dedicated console port, via a web interface over a wireless or Ethernet interface, or via a remote SDK interface over wireless or Ethernet.

Elite Owner's Manual - Fireplace

Several GPIO lines are available for data acquisition and similar applications.

<em>Elite</em> X4 Stems - Bike Thomson

Elite Owners Manual

The WB45NBT has a wide variety of interfaces including Fast Ethernet, serial UART, Hi-Speed USB, SPI, and I2C.

ACL ELITE / ELITE PRO System Training Guide -

The CSR (CSR8510) Bluetooth chip supports Bluetooth standard 4.0 which includes the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and legacy modes.

Change stack on elite 45 manual:

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