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It comes with a 0-15 lpm flow meter close mounted to the left hand side (this makes an perfect spot to attach a resuscitation bag).

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This keeps the footprint as small as possible and minimizes the amount of wall space required.

<strong>Blender</strong> Buddy - Mercury Medical

Blender Buddy Maxtec

The Rht side flow meter can be confured with three different options (depending on the needs and practice of the unit), but has a unique feature in that the bleed flow (3 lpm) can be disabled when the rht side flowmeter is not needed, by simply pushing the flow meter in towards the body of the blender and rotating forward.

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Blend model features a 0-15 lpm flow meter very close mounted to the left side of the blender.

Bird blender service manual:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates

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