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Patent US5944138 - Leveling system for aerial platforms -

The hazards of their jobs may not be as widely recognized as that of other “dangerous” occupations, but utility workers literally put their lives on the line every day.

Aerial Device Safety Dos and Don'ts - Articles -

Over the past year, a number of news stories related to utility worker on-the-job injuries and fatalities associated with aerial devices have been making headlines.

Aerial Device Safety Dos and Don'ts - Articles -

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From linemen being ejected from bucket trucks, to falling out of tipping cranes, and even electrocuted by power lines, the need to prepare and train these workers to safeguard themselves against the hazards of the job grows more apparent with each incident.

Aerial Lifts - OSHA

Utility linemen do difficult and dangerous work, often climbing hh above ground in rain, snow and wind to install or repair electrical and telecommunications wires and systems.

Altec bucket lift manual:

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