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Avid Juicy 5 Manual - krathearkede.files.

This summer I had to rebuild and bleed one of the calipers on my Avid Juicy 7s.


Pretty much everything I’ve learned has been from breaking something, like when I was 17 and I cross-threaded the BB shell on my first mountain bike when I tried to screw the left cup into the rht side.

<em>Juicy</em> tech <em>manual</em> 06 - Montagna di Lombardia

Avid Juicy 7 long term review - Pinkbike

The take home message: if it seems like you are applying more force than you should (and especially if little shards of threads are falling out), stop, you are probably doing something wrong.

I’ve been working on bikes as an amateur mechanic for about 20 years.

2009 avid juicy 5 manual:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates

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