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Full manual reverse shift valve body

With the shifter in second gear if I go to full throttle I have no slippage and everything acts normal. The only problem is under heavy acceleration on the 1-2 shift. Since its late out, I'm unable to crawl underneath the truck to verify the cable linkage is adjusted properly.

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I have about 600 miles on it so far with zero problems until tonht.

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For example, 3/4 throttle - accelerate in first gear to 5000 rpm, shift to second and rpms increase, it doesnt feel like it is going to 'neutral' because it still pulls but the rpms increase once second gear is selected. I have a feeling its a sprag problem due to the manual valve body (transmission was upgraded with hardened race) Thanks in advance for any help!

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If I let off the gas and get back on it I have second gear like normal.

Tci manual valve body problems:

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