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Yard work, clearing snow on driveway, mowing lawn, so you don't have to scream at your partner on incoming telephone or to tell favourite TV show is on.

Motorola T5100 User Guide -

After a short setup out of the box, the T5100 is ready to use.

Motorola <strong>T5100</strong> <strong>Talkabout</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> -

Motorola T5100 User Guide

Use at shopping mall, on picnic, hiking and slope then you don't get lost... On the Cruise ship at open water, your cell phone won't work, walkie talkie will. FRS - Family Radio Service, FRS radios require no license. GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service require a FCC license in U. FRS/GMRS combo radios sold at store limit radio power to 0.5watts on 8~14ch automatiy.

Motorola T5100 Manual PDF. -

The T5100 has many features, including 14 channels, a range up to 2 miles and a backlit LCD display.

Talkabout t5100 user manual:

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