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Scion T. C AUTO Manual Swap

Manual Transmission Mount, tc, rear, manual trans Master cylinder Slave cylinder Flex hose Hydraulic lines master cyl to flex hose Hydraulic lines, slave cyl to flex hose Flywheel Clutch Clutch Pedal Assembley Shift Linkage ECU well the transmission will be going in this weekend . a lift -you can do it on jacks stands as i have before but a lift helps out alot. a engine hoist(preferred with lever) in order to take that engine out. buckets- to drain old fluids into 4.-a toyota 30mm axle nut removal socket- 5.

The center piece, the water fall, and the center console piece.

<em>Scion</em> T. C <em>AUTO</em> <em>Manual</em> <em>Swap</em>

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First we will begin with a parts list of what you need for it (bare essentials) You can acquire most of it through junk yards and e Bay.

Scion TC Release Series 8.0 Manual Transmission

Here is my first post in a thread to show how to do a auto to manual swap that i a currently working on. I a mechanic by trade so i would not suggest this swap to any person who not knowledgeable in car mechanics and i do not take any responsibility for you attempting this project solely based on this thread and messing up your car.

Scion tc auto manual swap:

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