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No technology that you should want in your POS (Point of Sale) can break into the system and force data out. The successful installer of text insertion will identify some data which comes out of the POS naturally and is suitable for Loss Prevention.

Product Manual ICC2-ATSC - Contemporary Research

VRX Company Inc has text insertion solutions for network Hh Definition IP video such as 720P and 1080P. Note: Our VR2004 for Standard Definition cameras has gone end of life.


Sam4s Cash Register Instruction Manual - aciddiatick

The most common way to get suitable data is from a DB9 serial port set up for a customer pole display or a real time journal printer.

Samsung Er-290 Manual -

A journal printer makes a record of all transaction events for the store owner and when available is often the best interface. Text Insertion from a receipt printer is a solution of last resort because receipts are usually not real time and many receipts do not show voids and many retails do not want to force compulsory printing of receipts.

Samsung er 4800 instruction manual setup:

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