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The first two images below demonstrate the difference between the relative roughness measured using a laser scan of an iced airfoil compared to the ice thickness or heht relative to the clean airfoil surface.

Environmental Control Systems on Commercial Passenger Aircraft.

Ice accretion on aircraft surfaces, Hair sensors and micro-pillars for unsteady flow detection, Gas turbine blade aerodynamics and cooling, Uncertainty analysis, Experimental ques for surface temperature measurement and for NNX12AB85A, the current effort focuses on the measurement of convective heat transfer to flows over surfaces with realistic ice roughness properties. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, and the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies and was performed in collaboration with Maj. The resulting simulator operates quickly enough to provide visual continuity and captures the performance of a mid-sized sedan with a five-speed automatic transmission.

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Patent US3966355 - Steam turbine extraction system - Google Patents

The ultimate goal of the effort is to implement new correlations or advanced approaches for predicting convective heat transfer from realistic ice roughness distributions in current and future ice accretion codes.

An Ex Rocket Man's Take On It “Back of the Envelope” Entry Model

The project consists of three primary tasks: 1) measuring the convective enhancement of constant freestream velocity flows over surfaces with realistic ice roughness, 2) measuring the convection heat transfer of flows interacting with the leading edge of an aircraft wing with realistic ice roughness, and 3) measuring the convective enhancement of stagnating flows over surfaces with realistic ice roughness. Mc Clain has continued development of the well-known discrete element model for the computation of the interaction of surface roughness with turbulent flow and convective heat transfer. Mc Clain's research has extended the discrete-element model to include randomly-rough surfaces such as those found on hh-usage gas turbine blades. A brochure, a teaching manual, and a supporting website were also developed as fuel economy resources for Alabama drivers.

Sae aerospace applied thermodynamics manual:

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