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Draft Chapter from Political Warfare Training Manual -

The only other part of the draft manual that appears to have survived in the files is a portion of section 6: Instruments of Political Warfare.

Michael Jefferson on SSB Installation/Offshore Comms

It covers the role of broadcasting in Political Warfare and specifiy that of the BBC’s contribution. Warfare by radio, like the war by land, sea and air, was forced on the United Nations by German aggression.

Draft Chapter from Political Warfare Training <i>Manual</i> -

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The contents were agreed with the intended manual covering such topics as the history of Political Warfare and the formation of PWE; Political Warfare directed against the enemy and allies; intellence, instruments of Political Warfare including visual (leaflets) and oral (broadcasting); training schools, and Political Survey.

KM4JOJ - sn Lookup by QRZ. COM

In the Autumn of 1943 the Political Warfare Executive initiated the compilation of a Political Warfare Training Manual.

Metz short-wave radio user manual:

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