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That being said, most vintage scooters are nothing like as practical as modern scooters.

Yamaha Zuma Performance Frequently asked questions

Manufactured by LML (a former Piaggio Licensee in India), the Stella is still available new at Genuine dealers.

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Sure, there are vintage scooters that are fast enough for freeway use, that have adequate storage capacity, that are reliable.... Dealing with manual shifting, two-stroke engines, tube-tires, and just plain AGE can add up to more work than a lot of people are will to put into their scooter.

Instructions Brands S-Z – Two Brothers Racing

There are a few options that will give you a metal body, manual shift scooter that is new, or at least "newish": The Genuine Stella - This scooter became an instant cult classic when it was introduced by Genuine Scooter Company.

Manual for yamaha zuma year 2000:

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