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W=300" data-large-file="https://redrockstore.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/3673_image.jpg? This is true for a knife blade which is evenly ground on each side of the edge using finer and finer grit.

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You haven’t started cussing about it yet so all is good, rht? If your blades are more than two seasons old, they are probably more dull than you would think. We re-sharpen LOTS of ice auger blades for hand and power augers. Over and over I see the “home sharpening” of ice blades where they sharpened the top of the blade to restore the edge on the bottom of the blade – the part that ds into the ice. When you only sharpen the top of the blade, you WILL leave a burr on the bottom edge.

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Jiffy Ice Drill Series SD60i Canadian Tire

Then, the blade is stropped (rubbed back and forth on a leather belt on each side of the blade to effectively fold off the thin metal burr to the point that it falls off leaving just the razor sharp edge).

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You only need to push down on it a little more these days, and you seem to be burning a bit more gas. We’re not cutting meat or fabric, or foam, or celery. Only one side of the ice auger blade gets ground to produce a sharp edge, period.

Jiffy on ice owners manual:

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