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Husky Generator Manual - mulandricon.files.

Then take the end off the generator and look at the brushes (usually what breaks) and the 2 slip rings they ride on (these get dirty and have to be cleaned off with a bit of emery cloth)Then look at the voltage regulator (the little board that the brushes plug into)Let me know if you need more detailed help, Carl Hi First you need to change the plug with a new one with the same heat range(too long time). Fuel stabilizer is not what it's it cracked up to be.

Husky 1850 Manual -

First check the circuit breakers on the control/outlet panel.

<em>Husky</em> <em>Generator</em> <em>Manual</em> - mulandricon.files.

Husky Generator Manual -

Priming the engine few times(put some gas in the cilinder through the plug hole)and start the engine until it runs constantly. I've worked for 6yrs at a rental yard and had no luck with any fuel stabilizer, the fuel still went bad.

Husky 1850 Manual -

If this does not do it, you will need to replace the carb.

Husky 1850 generator owners manual:

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