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Creative Zen MP3 Players eBay

Three of Creative Technology's players won the Best of CES award The ZEN series has a strong foothold in Asian , especially in Singapore, the company's headquarters.


ZEN refers to the series of portable media player desned and manufactured by Creative Technology Limited, the names of which start with the word ZEN, e.g. The players evolved from the NOMAD brand through the NOMAD Jukebox series.

Creative <em>ZEN</em> <em>Stone</em> User's Guide

Creative Zen - pedia

: Music, Options, FM Radio, Microphone, Recordings, Stopwatch, Settings, Lock.

Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB MP3 Player Black.

: Music, FM-, Microphone, Recordings, Stopwatch, Settings, Lock , .

Zen 2gb stone pdf manual:

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