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Brunner Vax Architecture Reference Manual 2ed — RA BRUNNER

My own machine currently runs 4.3BSD, so I'm biased toward Unix. Supported by VMS, but not by Unix, as far as I know. Some of this taken from a posting by Mike Umbricht ([email protected]) to the Net BSD port-vax list. On BSD, these modifications are contained in a file ed pcs750which lives in the root directory and is loaded into the PCS by the boot program.

The Architecture of the Burroughs B-5000

However, they're the questions I've found myself asking over four years or so that I've owned my own 750, so I hope they'll be useful to others. Allowed DEC to phone your machine and ask it to open wide and say 'Aaaah' when it was sick. (Info taken from Autumn 85 'Systems & Options Catalogue'.) Consists of CI750 module that installs in CMI add-on slot in CPU backplane, and a free-standing cabinet that contains a box containing three more modules in their own backplane. If the bit is clear, it is fetched from the corresponding word of the ram.

MySQL MySQL 5.7 <i>Reference</i> <i>Manual</i> 6.1.5 Server System Variables

Software installation - How can I install Sun/Oracle's proprietary.

Paul Roberts at Stirling University gave me my machine. Another b thank-you to the people who asked for copies of this document after they found out that it wasn't available online any more, and thereby encouraged me to update it a bit. 1-4/7/96: Tidied up html, put in sections on console commands and console serial line receiver replacement, added EMC memory board info, expanded CI750 information, added brief description of buses, added 'Contents' section and stuff about other places to visit. 2-3/8/96: Added RDM details, minor changes to documents list. L0003-YA: described as a 'cost reduced' version of the L0003. If anybody has the print-set for this, I'd be very interested in knowing what the print-set number is (MPxxxxxx on the first page). With the PCS, this functionality is supported by having several variants of the module, rather than by an optional add-on board.

OpenVMS System Messages and Recovery Procedures

Anders Magnusson ([email protected]): Info about cluster interconnect and time-of-year clock. The Freak's VAX 11/750: pictures of his 750, and links to lots of other places. The Net BSD/VAX FAQ : If you want an operating system, this is the place to look. 9-10/8/96: Power bus description, option installation, expanded RDM description, bit about bus grant jumpers. I'd also be very interested in getting hold of a photocopy of the print-set. The variants of the PCS are as follows: L0008-YA: bog-standard PCS, no writable control store. L0008-YB: PCS with 1k * 80 bits of writable control store. L0008-YC: PCS with 2k * 80 bits of writable control store.

Vax-11 architecture reference manual:

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