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January 2002 Dest, Part III - iXBT Labs

17" and 18" will probably be available at $700 - $900 by the middle of the year.

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In January manufacturers of TFT LCD monitors were constantly discussing the ways of price increasing for their products. As you know, Taiwanese companies started lifting their prices yet in October-November and were going to raise them up to $250 by March for 15" models.

January 2002 Dest, Part III - iXBT Labs

Parts and function of crt t.v datasheet & application note - Datasheet.

The volume of orders is increasing and it can result in a shortage of the monitors yet in the middle of 2002 and such deficiency may last a year.

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However, the statistics shows that in 2001 there were 14 million LCD monitors sold, and the forecasts for 2002 say that the fure is going to be 25 million.

Black sa1110 37 manual:

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