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-Andrew "Batteries on Charge" Ansnick The eyepiece currently set to ship with the F65 is not HD, which I thought was a bummer.

Sony F65 manual - Camalot

I'm sure you can find detailed spec's on the camera floating around but here's some brief info of what we need to know in order to help prepare us for when they start popping up next month.

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Nehbors from other regions are welcome to visit, just keep in mind that the information may not always apply.


Outputs - Two 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 HD-SDI Monitoring Outputs, HD-Y Out (for Genlock), and Shutter (locking snal for 3D/motion control) Power Input - 12V System, utilizes same 8 Pin Lemo of the F35 to provide 12/24v input Power Outs - 12v Out 11 pin Fisher (4 Amp max), 24v Out 3 pin Fisher (4 Amp max) Power Consumption - Camera Body 62 Watts (5.17 Amps), SR-R4 Recorder 37 Watts (3.08 Amps), w/Viewfinder 105-109 Watts (8.75-9.08 Amps) Camera Weht - 11lbs 7oz Body Only SR-R4 Recorder Weht - 3lbs 15oz Total Weht - 15lbs 6oz w/recorder It also looks like your current Preston MDR cables will work with this new body since it utilizes all of the old F35 connectors.

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