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Ws44 And am unable to get the base unit to recognize the remote. Royal will fax me the manual, but I am on vacation for a couple of weeks and don't have a fax. " If you are not getting an update from the outside remote, press and hold the Remote/Alarm button for 5 secs... I have one of these and even though they say the range is 100 ft...

Ew Industries Weather Station Manual Free Programs, Utilities.

and the remote numbers go from 1-4 Make sure the base unit is looking for the rht remote number (Default 1)... make sure you press it again to return to remote "1". Depress and hold the MODE key until the TIME blinks.... If you have aluminum or steel siding on your house, coun't on only about a 10 foot range!


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The Roral WS22 Desktop Weather Station rests upon your desk in a near-vertical position and has a large LCD screen that simultaneously displays the time, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature.

WS-9077TWC-IT Wireless 915 MHz Weather Station - La Crosse.

I was wondering if anyone has one of these and can tell me how to re-sync the two units?

Royal ws22 desktop weather station manual:

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