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Sand Pool Filter Parts

In the filter cycle, the pool water is filtering downward through the sand and the debris is getting filtered by the fine edges of the silica sand.

How Do I Know How Much Sand To Put In My Filter? EASY

Although older filters did not have this, when rinsing the sand, the water sweeps off the top of the sand bed so that no unsettled debris returns into the pool body.

<strong>Jacuzzi</strong> <strong>Laser</strong> <strong>Sand</strong> <strong>Filter</strong> Parts Diagram - MyPool

Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter 160L 190L 250L

The last step, which should not be skipped, is the rinse cycle.

Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter 190l Manual - flrtt.us

The filter should be cleaned when the pressure rating rises 10 psi above the clean operating pressure on your pressure gauge.

Jacuzzi laser sand filter 190l manual:

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Overall: 88 Rates

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