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Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface. 9 MM HI CISCO MEM360016FSGM 16MB FLASH SIMM CISCO 3600 GENERIC EQUIVALENT Apple LB136AT IDE 13.0GB 3.5LP ATA-66 Kingston Tech KTC148164 KINGSTON 64MB MEMORY KIT Quantum KNO9J011 9.1G SCA 80PIN DRIVE 7.2K (ATLAS IV) DELL FIRMWARE HP KA135AT IDE 13.6GB 3.5LP UDMA66 HP J4135A CONNECTIVITY CARD FOR USB SERIAL AND LOCAL TALK FOR (5) Iomega IO3020PX DITTO-3200 EXTERNAL QIC-3020 TAPE DRIVE (NO A/C ADAPTOR) Netgear HA311NA HA311 WIRELESS INTEGRATED PCI WRLSADAPTER 802.11A GENERIC F1382B LI-ION HP BATTERY OMNI 2100 3 HP DDYST09170 9.1GB U/SCSI3 SCA3.5LP 10KRM IBM DDLA21215 1.2GB IDE 2.50LP HP D809269001 IDE 13.6GB 3.5LP UDMA66 HP D809263001 IDE 13.6GB 3.5LP UDMA66 HP D809260101 IDE 13.6GB 3.5LP UDMA66 HP D2886B CD-ROM Apple CX136AT IDE 13.0GB 3.5LP ATA-66 HP CDRU240Z CDROM 24X FOR OMNIBOOK HP C777060266 TRAILINGN 42 ASSEMBLY HP C456260047 PRINT MECHANISM ASSEMBLY HP C4127XRM HP LASERJET 4000/4000N 10 000 PAGE YIELD (RECYCLED) HP C376060507 CONTROLLER BOARD FOR LOWER CASSETTE (C3760A) HP C3110A HP 4P SCANNER HP C272966509 SCSI PORT FOR X-TERMINAL HP C268867061 PRINTHED CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY HP C2633A HP DESKWRITER 320 HP C2170A DJ520 INKJET HP C113760902 MAIN LOGIC BOARD Procom Tech ATOM6CE5 6.0GB EIDE 2.5INCH INTERNAL REMOVABLE LAPTOP HARD DRIVE W/TRAY LTE ELITE 4/40C 4/4 Procom Tech ATOM5002 PROCOM 5GB 5.0GB FOR LAPTOP COMPUTERS ATOM5002 HP 8MBLJ4 8MB FOR HP LASERJET4/4M/4P/4SI/PJXL300/1200C/200/220/230/330/250C/350C/600/650C IBM 88G2479 IBM GXT150L ADAPTER Appian 8606 4PORT VIDEO WITH CABLE Eastman Kodak 8356420 KODAK EASYSHARE DX 3500 - DITAL CAMERA - 2.2 MPIX 8356420 IBM 68G1211 MONITOR CARD TRAY 9524 IBM 65F6168 3900 CLEANER BRUSH Apple 655T0018 IDE 13.0GB 3.5LP ATA-66 Apple 6550860 IDE 13.0GB 3.5LP ATA-66 Dell Computer 5C664 PORT REP W/ENET Dell Computer 57TMR IDE 13.6GB 3.5LP UDMA/66 HP 50654272 MATROX G450 16M VIDEO CARD GENERIC 4834T LI ION BATTERY DELL LATITUDE LS S Genicom 44D416081G03 ENCODER ASSEMBLY Genicom 44C502591G02S PWB - SMPI/2 (PARALLEL IF Dell Computer 4171R ATI RAGE VID BRD Dell Computer 40938 LOGIC Imation 40810 IMATION LS120 SUPERDISK EXTERNAL PCMCIA SUPPORT 120MB 1.44 P/N 40810 Compaq 3RVRQP924 19 MONITOR SONY FD AG CR Dell Computer 3575D BACKPLANE DAUGHTER Compaq 3546300MHZ COMPAQ PENTIUM II 300MHZ CPU HP 3344990906 HP SERVICE MANUAL Compaq 334136001 COMPAQ AHA-2940UW ULTRA WIDE SCSI CONTROLLER P/N 334136-001 OR 179261-001 Iomega 31025 CDRW DRIVE 8X/4X/32X EIDE ZIPCDRW Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI CONTROLLER-PCI Dell Computer 2878P 4X DVD C SERIES GENERIC 247051001 LI ION BATTERY COMPAQ PRESARIO 700A GENERIC 246437002 LI ION BATTERY COMPAQ PRESARIO 700A Dell Computer 23YXT 533MHZ 256/133/1.65 W/HTSK Texas Instruments 22227388204 880 V6ISHED PRINTHEAD Texas Instruments 22227388202 880 V4 PRINTHEAD-*() Texas Instruments 22224400023 850XL DOT MATRIX PRINTER Madge Networks 2003 MADGE 16/4 TOKEN RING CARDBUS MK2 Compaq 199802001 4.3GB SCSI-2 WITH TRAY Toshiba 1910 TOSHIBA INNERBAY ZIP SATELLITE 220-225 PRO 440-490 TECRA 520-550 8000 1910 Compaq 180407036 FS740 TCO '99 17" PRESARIO MONITOR UK NEW GENERIC 158000000000 LI-ION BAY BATTERY NEC VERSA 6000 Madge Networks 15014402 MADGE 16/4 TOKEN RING CARDBUS MK2 Iomega 10918 IOMEGA ZIP 250 EXT PARALLEL (1 YR WTY) 3Com 10401U 3COM PALM V MODEM 33.6K E-MAIL FROM ANYWHERE WHEN MODEM SLIDE 10401U Dell Computer 091YMK 10.

Whirlpool service manual, Maytag service manual, Samsung service.

Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the orinal ing program.

RFC 3805 - Printer MIB v2

Pita printronix Archives - Printer Printronix, Tallygenicom.

A driver typiy communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected.

IBM 704 - pedia

There are no gimmicks, or spyware traps just honest volunteers trying to help you find your drivers. From pedia, the free encyclopedia In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing hher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

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