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Details about TOYOTA 2012-2015 Prius C Aqua NHP10

Because we opted to do the first oil change/tire rotation early (at 1,800 miles) and the Prius C's maintenance intervals occur every 5,000 miles, its "first" 5,000 mile service is therefore due at 6,800 miles.

Hybrid Vehicle Safing Procedure for NiMh Battery - Toyota

The latter consists of just a tire rotation and the visual inspections of fluid levels and brake pads/shoes.

Owner's <strong>Manuals</strong> and Emergency Response Guides -

Toyota Prius C Long Term Road Test -

Checking the maintenance guide book that came with the car, I see that it's essentially ing for the first (5,000 miles) service.

Toyota OEM Information for Collision

We ed ahead to confirm the car could be ready for us by the end of the day. September 10, 2012 Upon start-up, the Prius C recently started showing this "Maintenance Required Soon" reminder message.

2012 toyota prius c repair manual:

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