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How do I connect the Ultra Sensor Bar to my

Like the 3DS did with portable games, the Wii U's Game Pad adds a second screen to the gaming equation, which Nintendo hopes will lead to more immersive, fun, and interactive games. It's surprisingly large — it wehs about 3.5 pounds, and is nearly 11 inches from front to back.

How to Check Functionality of the Sensor

Now Nintendo's back with the Wii U, hoping to bolster its offering and preemptively outshine whatever Microsoft and Sony are up to next.

Nintendo Wii U review The <i>Verge</i>

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Nintendo's simple, low-res, get-up-and-play console has been a huge hit, outselling both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and taking over my family like I never expected.

How to Set Up a Wii Wireless Infrared Bar

It's no stretch to say the Wii revolutionized how we play video games. The size isn't the end of the world since it's something you'll rarely pick up or move, but it's deep enough that it stuck out over the edge of my TV stand.

Verge wireless sensor bar manual:

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