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TTL机顶闪光灯 -

Basiy, what that means is that, you and the camera not only needs to take the flash power into account when making a shot, you will also need to take into account the ambient lht.

For Canon/ Nikon dital SLR cameras INSTRUCTION MANUAL

Don’t start looking for a pre-flash though, it happens very fast, only milli- or micro-seconds before the main flash, so you will only see one flash, not two, because the human eye is too slow to able to separate and see the two individual flashes.

The Nuts and Bolts of Off <em>Camera</em> <em>Flash</em> –

A Simple Guide to TTL Flash

All modern auto flash systems from major camera makers like Canon and Nikon use some form of TTL (Through The Lens) system.

Off camera flash e-ttl or manual? —

A lot of beginners with little or no understanding about how TTL flash works usually get disappointing results with flash shots.

Off camera flash ttl or manual:

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