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I had the stock blank cover plate Laser engraved by AD Engravingand drilled it for installation of the custom PCB 1/4" connectors.

Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rackmount Reverb

All of the components for the switching circuitry were installed on the PCB from the factory, so, no PCB mods or component additions were required.

<em>MESA</em> <em>BOOGIE</em>

Owner's Manual - Mesa Boogie

I purchased an 8 inch 0.100” 8-pin header cable for connection of the custom switching panel to the V-TWIN circuit board.


I fabricated a custom printed circuit board (PCB) for the six ¼” phone plugs and a 5 pin midi connector for installation on the blank panel.

Mesa boogie v twin rack manual:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 96 Rates

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