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Owner's Manual - Mesa Boogie

I purchased an 8 inch 0.100” 8-pin header cable for connection of the custom switching panel to the V-TWIN circuit board.


Any of those channels/ modes are available and selectable separately via front-panel toggle switches or via six ¼” phone plug tip-to-ground contact closure connectors on the rear-panel.


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All of the components for the switching circuitry were installed on the PCB from the factory, so, no PCB mods or component additions were required.

On The Rack

Those rear-panel connectors also allow you to mix Channel 1 modes with Channel 2 modes to get different sounds using an external control switcher and activating two of the Tip-to-ground contact closure connectors., my second-hand preamp did not have the connector panel, just a blank cover plate, meaning that all channel switching had to be done manually from the front panel or with the included 2 button footswitch.

Mesa boogie v twin rack manual:

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