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To up-change from Neutral, turn your left hand over, cup the gear knob gently and smooty push across and up to select first, to change to second reach across with your hand turned over, cup the gear knob using your fingers to push down, to change up again keep your hand rht-way up and cup the gear knob gently and smooty push to third using your palm, to select fourth cup your hand around and use your fingers to direct from behind as you pull down, to go from fourth to fifth gear, use the same que as from second to third.

When to change gear in a manual/stick shift car. Changing gears.

This gear transmits its energy through the collar to drive the yellow drive shaft.

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Both of the blue gears freewheel on the yellow shaft at the different rates controlled by their ratios to the layshaft.

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When the collar is between the two gears (as shown in the first fure), the transmission is in neutral.

Manual transmission gear shifter:

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