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A positive portrayal of transhumanism generally places a work on the Enlhtenment side of the Romanticism Versus Enlhtenment spectrum while a negative portrayal or conspicuous absence of it does the opposite.

Transhumanism as a movement and a philosophy implies that people can, and should, become transhuman en masse rather than be restricted to a select few who came across such abilities through extraordinary circumstances.

Most <em>Exalted</em> 2nd edition books

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Despite the name, species-wide artificial improvement is not actually limited to humans - other species or entities that are enhanced count as well.

Manual of Exalted Power Abyssals - White Wolf Exalted Second.

Transhumans are people who have been artificially enhanced with mental and/or physical abilities beyond what is considered normal for the species from an evolutionary standpoint.

Manual of exalted power abyssals download:

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