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So, my newbie questions: Are these voltages AC or DC. Where does one measure the line voltage from the router? I am sure Vonage routers where discussed in various places here and I have not taken a survey, but here is one of my posts with measurements:


I read a thread somewhere I believe in this section regarding line voltages from Vonage VOIP routers. How does one measure the voltage a ringer is using? Is there a diagram (for lay people) where to take various voltage and continuity measurements - Chuck The operating voltage (I. Talking, dialling, etc., not Ringing) is DC, and you can measure that just by using a multimeter set to DC and connect the probes somewhere easily measured (E. where the L1 and L2 wires connect), the same method can be used to measure ringing voltage, but set your meter to AC for that, and keep you hands clear as the ringing voltage can often be as much as 100 Volts depending on the device or line used...

<strong>Central</strong> Pabx <strong>Panasonic</strong> Kx-tes32 - YouTube

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There was discussion about 24 volts on newer routers versus 48 volts on older routers - I believe the discussion was in a ringer volume thread but not sure. As for REN, I'll let someone answer that, I'm still confused by it!!!

Central Pabx Panasonic Kx-tes32 - YouTube

Vonage also makes a VDV21 and a VDV22 ATA and these units do use the second pair of pins for the second line that may be activated.

Manual central panasonic kx-t30810b:

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