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Korg DW-8000 Owner's Manual - Cyborg Studio

And there are 8 presets for the "Synthe" section that give variable waveforms (square, pulse, sawtooth) in different pitch ranges (from 32' to 4').

Korg ElecTribe SX ESX-1 Vintage Synth Explorer

The Sma is an interesting bi-timbric synthesizer consisting of two sections: a genuine analog "Synthe" and a Preset "Instrument" section.

The Asahi Shimbun

Pacific T. V. - Online Schematics

There are 11 presets for the "Instrument" section which include fuzz guitar, electric bass, clavi, string, flute, double reed, trumpet, hammered percussion, etc.

Korg Trident Vintage Synth Explorer

The Sma is also unique for its ability to combine the synth and instrument sections for a nicer, layered synth sound or effect.

Korg es-1 manual pdf:

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