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Innovative Mounts Hydraulic to Cable Conversion

Using a prybar, pry the shafts out of the transmission.

Honda Civic Auto to Manual Swap - YouTube

Remove the battery, battery platform and intake tubing. Drain the transmission fluid and take out both CV shafts.

Honda <i>Civic</i> <i>Auto</i> To <i>Manual</i> <i>Conversion</i> <i>Kit</i> -

Honda Civic Auto To Manual Conversion Kit -

To do this, unplug the airbag wiring harness located behind a panel on the bottom side of the steering wheel and behind the glovebox for passenger airbag equipped cars.

AUTO to MANUAL K20A3 6-SPEED Transmission swap

Mods: AEM Intake & Cam Sprockets , RC Throttle Body, Greddy SS Header , RSR Exhaust , Carsound Cat , ACT Clutch & Fly, NGK 8mm Blue Wires, JDM Type-S Valve Cover , Koni Yellow Shocks , RSR Down Springs, Nuespeed Short Shift Adapter, CF Dashkit, CF 4th gen Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion Parts List: Transmission Flywheel Clutch assembly Slave cylinder Clutch master cylinder All lines and dampener from master to slave cylinder Includes-- line from master cylinder to dampener dampener, bracket and bolts to hold to fender rubber line from dampener to adapter on transmission adapter and bolt to hold to transmission line from adapter to slave cylinder bolt that holds rubber line to adapter(banjo-bolt) Starter for manual tranny Drivers side CV shaft and intermediate shaft Transmission mount and bracket Front motor mount(at radiator) Rear motor mount(at firewall) Speedometer sensor (salvage yard may leave it on the tranny) Shifter cables, holding clips, clevis pins and cotter pins Shifter cable bracket for tranny (salvage yard may leave it on the tranny) Shifter assembly Shifter boot assembly and shift knob Clutch pedal assembly Both switches for clutch and their plug-in connectors Brake and gas pedal assembly 30 Amp Relay Manual ECU Bolts Needed Transmission bolt that goes through starter and bolt below it(the two longest bolts) Flywheel bolts Pressure plate bolts Slave cylinder bolts Intermediate shaft hanger bolts Transmission shifter bracket bolts Step-by-Step To begin, disconnect the battery and disable the driver's side and passenger side (if equipped) airbags.

Civic auto to manual conversion kit:

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