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The President of the United States is commander in chief of all the branches of the services and has ultimate control over most military matters.

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This concern was shown by the Framers of the Constitution when they finally allowed the creation of a standing army but at the same time limited the process by which money could be raised to support the military, by requiring that Congress review the appropriations every two years. The earliest branch was the Army, instituted on July 14, 1775, followed closely by the Navy and the Marine Corps in the same year.

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Furthermore, the Framers ensured that the states could maintain their own militias and protect themselves from federal military domination, by recognizing "the rht of the people to keep and bear Arms" (U. The Navy and the Marine Corps were disbanded after the Revolutionary War but were reestablished in 1798. § 801 et seq.) outlines the basic laws and procedures governing members of the armed services. The plaintiffs claimed that because the judges could be removed at any time by the judge advocate general, they were biased toward the prosecution and could not be impartial.

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The United States has always been wary of maintaining a strong military force. The various branches of the armed services were created at different times to serve different purposes.

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