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Ram Diesel Problems - Dodge Ram

Not 42,000, mind you....), but typiy, we see transmission failure around 40,000-60,000 miles.

Dodge Ram 1500 Service Manual

The 518/618 transmission has been a real money-maker for transmission shops, with many, many, of these transmissions failing more than once, through the life of the manufacture's warrantee.

<strong>Dodge</strong> <strong>Ram</strong> Transmission for Sale 1500,

Cab Mounts - DODGE RAM FORUM - Ram

The shifting under load was always rough and when I took it to the dealer, they said it was normal for this to happen.

Dodge Ram Transmission for Sale 1500,

I AM A ASE MASTER CERTIFIED MECHANIC, AND KNOW THE FORD WILL LAST PAST 400, OOO MILES, AS I HAVE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE DONE IT WITH ROUTINE MAINTANCE. Cummins engine, 4WHD and Club Cab, needed a new transmission after 9,000 miles, and again at 18,000 miles, and now at 28,000 miles the exact symptoms are appearing for one more replacement., and of course it had their 12000 miles/12 month warranty in which it made it through that period, despite the fact that we sensed problems that were brought to the attention of the dealership, which were denied to exist during the warranty period. So what kind of cats did you have to buy for your truck, Dodge wants $500 a piece .. Follow-up on 6-18-01 Seems to me if dodge would fix these damned problems my pocket book would remain healthier. Luckily I had a 75K warrantee and only had to put out $100.00. My problems started when I bought the truck with 32K.

1998 dodge ram diesel owners manual:

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